Italy’s Blooming Online Sports Betting Market

For a very long time, Italy has been wrestling with the idea of either gambling or not. Italian people have been involved in some kind of gambling for a long time. But, as governments have come and gone playing games and betting on games of skill have not always been legal. Read about Italy’s online sports betting market!

Even today, there are many restrictions on gambling in Italy both on the ground and online. The government is slowly beginning to open up new possibilities in the gaming market by modifying its outdated rules and regulations.Italy's online sports betting market

The Good of Italy’s online sports betting market

Some of the recent changes made by the government have made online sports betting much easier for people in Italy. There is also an obvious surge in companies offering the chance to bet online. One of the reasons for this surge is that foreign companies can start online casinos in Italy. They can serve Italian people as long as they have received a gaming license from the Italian Gambling Commission. This means that currently there are going to be a lot of additional gaming options available as a result of the diversity.

The Bad of Italy’s online sports betting market

When we talk about restrictions, there is bound to be some negative aspects that come up. The Italian government has a couple of conflicting rules that control the licensure and gambling markets available. There are also regulations which control how the money filters through the online casino.

It won’t be long before all of the winnings that come from casinos based in Italy will have to be reported to the tax bureau. As many countries are already doing the same thing already, we can see how taxes affect the real take-home winnings.Italy's online sports betting market

The In-Between – Italy’s online sports betting market

Despite having a lot of legal hurdles, the situation for Italian bookmakers does appear to be getting better as the industry grows. Players and bookies have found plenty of ways around some of the most crippling rules set up by the government. And, as a result, Italian players can find options to play at Italian sports betting establishments whether they are in Italy or not.

The world of online sports betting is growing into a large market. It will easily compete with the likes of some of the biggest European betting markets available today. As the situation changes, we will be sure to keep you updated. Any moves made by the Italian government concerning online sports betting is likely to make the pastime easier to take part in. Although, they will probably find ways of filtering some of the money.