The Trump Connection in Gambling Industry

Trump is making waves in almost every industry that he can get his hands on, and the online gambling industry is most likely going to see some major changes in the very near future.

The difference between the gambling industry and all of the others that the new President is changing is that Trump has had a long and prosperous history with gambling on the whole. Trump can, in fact, be credited with the title of “first president ever to own a casino” and he has owned multiple casinos. Clearly, Trump is not against gambling and his ideas towards the pastime are great news for the industry.

What is Changing?

What will change within the gambling industry remains to be seen, but if Trump gets his way we are likely to see far more online gambling in the near future – especially in the field of sports betting and online casinos. There are many voices in Washington opposed to the idea of reversing federal ban that restricts gambling, but there are plenty who think that the laws which were put into place in an effort to curb mafia activity in the early days of the American casino culture are out of date.

How is it Changing?

In order to affect any change in the current system, Trump would have to put some federal mandates to rest. He would also need to devise a system by which individual states could offer their own gambling rules and regulations. It is quite likely that he will succeed as we have already seen that Trump has no problem turning the status quo on its head.

All of the changes coming to the world of online gaming are going to make a lot of people very rich. It will also provide a whole new market for making money that has not been active in America for a very long time.

We will soon see how these changes are going to affect the industry in the US, as well as the rest of the world. This change could easily be game changer and we will watch closely to see just where it takes us. As new developments surface, we will keep you informed as best as we can.